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Working as an independent escort or with an agency. Which one is preferred?

Working as an independent escort or with an agency. Which one is preferred? ​

Working as an independent escort or with an agency. Which one is preferred?

Being an escort is one of the few jobs where it has no wage gap, you set your own hours, you work independently, and you basically operate your own small businesses. You aren’t given credit for that, though, because people think that if you sign up for this you’re somehow doing something wrong. That’s the nature of being an independent escort.

When the majority of the people around the world think of escorts, they often think of brothels, madams, and pimps, but the reality is that there is a huge number of escorts who work independently. Through social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, indie escorts are able to advertise their services and fill their schedules without ever having to join an organization or make themselves work under a boss. They are their own managers and they set their own rules, which means they also have to choose their own clients all the time. Whether it’s the fear of losing money or being in physical danger with any of the clients, the way in which escorts vet and screen their clients to see if they’re legit is quite important because sometimes it becomes the matter of life and death. Some independent escorts of different backgrounds told us how they run a proper check on the client to make sure the people they’re spending time with are for real. There are an upside and downside of being an independent escort but many people are fine with it as they don’t get to share their money at all. For working independently as an escort you need to be some street smarts and you need to be very particular about who you see.

Many escort models personally think that independent escorts are going to win out. They can raise their prices during the recession and can attract more clients because of it. For getting a certain caliber of gentlemen, and they come when some escorts brought their prices up to $350 [€260] an hour. A lot of escorts use that money for things like a separate space where they can work so they don’t have to work from their actual home. It’s not as disorganized as people think it is. The independent escorts don’t like the idea of how much money, an agency tries and take, and they don’t like being tied to entities. You won’t see a lot of busts happen in terms of sex workers—mostly just clients—but these escorts don’t like the idea of being managed. They do love their freedom.

Just like how it is to everything in life, there are pros and cons to practicing independent escorting and working with an escort agency. If you are planning on becoming an escort model, you need to have all your information in place so you can make a proper decision which may affect your life for the worse or for, the better. You also need to know that it’s your life, your time, and your decision. Even after you make a decision; it is not set in stone. Unless you’ve signed a contract with an agency then you’re into deep waters, but nothing is permanent.

In earlier days when girls decided to become an escort, there were no websites or anything, websites that give detailed explanations of what it is to be an escort and what not. People had to learn from experience and also with the trial and error method to know what’s right and what’s not. Many girls started as an independent escort, they found it hard to meet clients, but then slowly and gradually they find a few good ones. Some of the escorts don’t feel like finding the best clients or doing all the research on their clients so they join an agency where they can get potential good clients and earn a lot better amount. Some escorts put forth a couple of rules, which is indeed important. For example, they dictate that they would have the right to accept or reject a client depending on their comfort and that the agency could not force a client on them. Joining an agency has worked out for so many escorts who are a huge name in the escort industry right now, but if you go at it independently, no one can set your work timings or the number of clients you take in a day. It is all on you.

Here are the pros and cons of joining an escort agency and working with a contract:


The agency takes care of all the advertising.

The background checks on the clients and vetting them is all done by the agency. A screening process is involved.

You are entering a business that is already established, and you don’t have to worry about being an entrepreneur or working extra hard to get new clients.

They take care of your security and provide you with bodyguards if needed.

If you one of the many Mature escorts just getting into escorting. You will get much more work with an escort agency as everyone likes to see new faces.


You have no control over how the agency depicts you in the advertisements and sometimes it can make you disappointed.

The agency always takes a chunk of your earnings which is a big downside indeed because no matter how much you get paid by the client, you always need to share it with an agency.

You have to answer to a boss which means that you can’t set all the rules for yourself.

Here are the pros and cons of being an independent escort:


You have complete control over every decision and you can always reject a client.

You only work for yourself and you get to choose your timings.

You regulate the inflow and outflow of your money; no one has a say in your income and you don’t need to share it with an agency.


It is indeed a lot of work because you have to take care of everything on your own.

You are in charge of your screening and security.

You have to take care of how you’re advertised because it will affect your income.

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