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Real life stories of escorts

Real life stories of escorts​

Real life stories of escorts

Real life stories of escorts – It is a very common routine and you generally know how the escort industry works. People usually hire an escort to play different roles to satisfy them or just to impress their friends or colleagues that they have a better lifestyle and a trophy girlfriend by their side who loves them. Looking and judging the lifestyle of an escort from outside we always think that they are having a ball and there is nothing on Earth which could make them sad. All we see is money, parties, big houses, 5-star hotels, and of course the never-ending sex foe some good extra money.

We would like to share some real-life stories of escorts and give you a closer look at what it is really like to be an escort and it’s not always the happy life we see from the outside of the escort industry. Some of these stories might make you realize that it’s not an easy thing to be an escort and always give your 100 percent to fulfill the client’s demands.

Stories of Real-life Escorts

Good day with an army guy

So in the early ’20s of Emma, she used to give ‘massage work’ because she was good at it and needed some extra money. She was new to the escort world and worked independently. Her friend and his girlfriend helped Emma to get some potential clients who would pay her well for her ‘massage work’ or some extra if they need something more than that.

It was Tuesday morning that Emma got a call from her friend and she told her that there is this army guy who wants to get a massage and wants her to play the role of her girlfriend too. It sounded like some good couple of hundred dollars so Emma agreed with her and sealed the deal. The next morning Emma went to see that guy at his place and her jaw dropped when she first saw the guy. Mathew was a strong-looking man with a light salt and pepper beard and was in his early 30’s. He was very well mannered. It was his first time, which made it a lot easier, he was pretty nervous though. They both chatted and Emma showered him, he had kids and might have an ex-wife. Mathew was nice and then he took me to one of his rooms where we started the massage that seemed to comfort him. It was the height of summer and the room had no fan. At first, it was fine because it was just about the massage and he wanted Emma to talk to him as his girlfriend, so she did. While massaging the thighs, Emma saw him getting a boner and he was kind of embarrassed and shy, this turned her on and for the first time, she acted unprofessionally because of his well-mannered nature and started touching near his crotch while massaging him. Soon the massage turned so hot and Mathew pulled Emma on him they were both getting so hot and sticky and finished off where they were both dripping with sweat. They both started laughing as none of them expected such a good time. Mathew tipped Emma some extra hundred dollars and it was the first time that Emma had such a pleasant experience with a man who wasn’t even looking for sex. Then he went for another shower and Emma looked in the mirror, all of her eye make-up had completely run down her face. He fucked a panda so hard and good.

 I doubled my money within a few weeks

Victoria was from a small town and sheltered, but had lost both of her parents & her foster family kicked her out at 17. She stole some of their shit, pawned it, and made her way to a greyhound bus that took her to one of the biggest cities in the US. She found an odd job at a local restaurant and worked there for a while. Victoria was always interested in massages so she signed up on a website where dudes usually go looking for women like her with an interest in massage. It was easy money, cash paid daily, and no experience was required. This was back in 2008 where she had only like 12 dollars left to her name. She worked there a few months without ever touching any dudes genitals. She thought they kept coming back because she was pretty and do give a decent massage. So few months in she figured out that a hand job doubled her income. So Victoria popped some of those off. Working in that studio was crazy! She was hungry for money, so she would work open to close 6 days a week. She became popular & her boss said he’d never seen someone earn money as Victoria did. She got to keep her tips and split the hourly rate 60/40 with her boss. She was clearing like 3k a week. She saw so many C list celebrities, super-rich old dudes like sugar daddies, athletes, and everyone. One of her regulars was a cop. He used to come and see, and was like “don’t come in tomorrow and tell no one I told you”.

A girlfriend of Victoria and her worked together for a while, splitting hotel rooms and stuff. Now Victoria is back in school. She works part-time at a real job that she likes and also goes to school full time. She owns her own home and her car is paid off. She lives beneath her means and still have stacks of cash from the Jack shack good old days. She also has an unpaid internship that’s going to be great for her when she is done with school. Now, she has seven clients. They’re all married dudes. Some she sees weekly, some monthly. It’s sort of like she just has seven part-time pretty low maintenance boyfriends. Oh, and they also leave cash on the table.

This experience hasn’t been traumatic for her at all. It’s helped her with negotiating skills, it’s made her more comfortable around people, and it’s made her sharper and more aware. She thinks it’s dumb but she loves it.

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