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How to become a professional escort

How to become a professional escort

How to become a professional escort

The moment you think about leveling up your game as an escort a become an elite professional escort is the moment you realize you have to completely change the way you advertise as opposed to classic GFE escorts or slightly-kinky companions, you need to look like an escort who is a dream girl of all the men. You are a whole different woman of class and taste, and your clients should always be made aware of this. It doesn’t matter if you know your taste is kind of singular or you have a certain taste in what kind of men you want to be with, it is completely fine. This isn’t about the niche itself, but about being an elite and one of the best professional escort. You should become friends with the classic escorts who have some of the best and wealthy clients. Some of these escorts might look down on you and your particular set of services or anything, especially if they can’t attract a certain client but you can. This will help you in a way that they might refer clients to you in the cases where they ask for services they do not offer, so you just need to be smart enough to stick around with the people who could get you, potential clients. Get in the graces of the GFE escorts and classic companions and see if you can’t scratch each other’s backs and help each other in earning a good and getting the lifestyle you always dreamed of.

Be one of a kind

Charge more than traditional escorts and don’t be afraid to lose a client or two just because your rates are a little high and they aren’t willing to pay you that much. Your rates shouldn’t be higher because your services or your looks are somehow better than other classic escorts you are friends with, but simply because you offer rarer services and the demand of those services are significantly higher than the number of escorts willing to do what you do, and how you are way better in satisfying your clients compared to other elite escorts. So just ask for more because you deserve it. Be very careful about the clients who come to you repeatedly, take good care of your repeat clients because that means they are hooked on you and they are willing to pay anything, just to spend time with you. Chances are that there are probably only a handful of escorts in each category in your area or city, but you also need to remember and be very vigilant that while the competition is small, so too is the number of people interested in your services and your taste. This is why it is very important to make your customers trust you enough to keep coming back to you. Luckily, high-class clients are usually significantly more loyal and trustworthy because they are worried they will be judged for their fetishes or the outside world would never accept that they also need some self-satisfaction in their sex life. They are always looking for someone who understands them and satisfies them in a way no one could ever satisfy them completely. So just be that person for them, and you will be counting your cash in no time.

Invest on yourself so others can invest on you as well

Be prepared to invest in different kinds of props and costumes. While the high-class escorts usually invest in different kinds and colors of lingerie and just a couple of sex toys to spice things up a bit, then chances are you will require significantly more props to be different and better than the escorts you are friends with. If certain supplies are pretty expensive than just make sure you ask for compensation on them from each client before you give them your services. Toys do become worn out and just don’t work for you after a little while, so you’ll need a fund to buy new ones later. Have a dedicated incall location to call your client in your territory so you don’t ever feel threatened if you are meeting some clients for the first time. Since your services might require quite a few props like costumes, lingerie, sex toys and there is a high chance that it could get messy in many cases, it’s best to have a secure incall location where you have all your supplies and you are more comfortable, you will feel safe and if a person has anything else on his mind, he will think twice before doing anything messed up. However, certain customers might not want to take a high-class escort to a hotel, even if you are available for outcalls and you have no problem with it, he might just get too scared to be seen with you and have a fear of being recognized. Also, be prepared to work and alter your looks a little to attract more and more clients. This depends on the kind of services you want to give and how far you can go to please your client without making it such a big deal. Like if you are doing roleplay and a cosplay kind of thing and you are adopting a gothic look for it, then you might just have to dye your hair jet black for the sake of the feel. And you need to get rid of some assumptions as soon as possible. You might be expecting certain clients with big money when it comes to your taste and style, but you will most likely be surprised as to the differences between customers and service providers. Get out of the bubble you have always been living in, and forget about the stereotypes that are not ready for worst-case scenarios, so keep working hard and expect the unexpected. Keep your circle tight and become a headstrong person when it comes to making demands of money for your services.

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